Little Nemo in Secoland & landscapes



(Based in Jorge Luis Borges’s book “El libro de los seres imaginarios” and Konrad Gesner’s book “Curious Woodcuts of Fanciful and Real Beasts”)

Little Nemo in Secoland & landscapes

Little Nemo in Secoland & landscapes is the latest Oscar Seco paintings serie, based in the famous comic character Little Nemo in Slumberland, created by cartoonist Winsor McCay at early last century for the New Yorker daily.

The series also introduces Dutch and American landscapes from eighteenth and nineteenth appropriating the works of artists such as Alfred Biernstadt, Asher Durand, Jan Van Goyen, Van der Velde or Jacob Van Ruisdael. A place where we can find apocalyptical environments, dinosaurs, oversized animals, old etching monsters, war machines, science fiction iconography, superman, batman, spiderman, etc …